What Makes the Perfect T-Shirt?

Most of us have a favourite t-shirt – the one we always reach for when we’re not sure what else to wear. But is there any science behind the one we choose? Morph, a start-up design firm, is looking to understand more.

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Founded by Imperial engineering student Raphael Guth and Niels Thoné, a fashion entrepreneur, Morph has launched a new and innovative sizing system for menswear using data analysis.

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Using Body Type

The duo assert that their method could revolutionise shopping for consumers and retailers alike. The research works by taking into account both height and body type to give a better fit. Customers find the right fit more easily, either in a bricks-and-mortar store or online, and retailers benefit through having lower returns rates.

Historically, some men have been more reluctant to shop online because of the huge variation in sizing, not only across the chest but also around the arms, and the length. Sizes vary from one country to the next and from brand to brand, so this new system aims to iron out inconsistencies.

Data Analysis

Morph managed to get crowd-funding to produce their first product, a t-shirt. Having collected data from around the world on male body-types, they were able to make patterns for sizes that men across the globe would use today rather than the historic sizes that dated back to the 1950s.

Body Types

Rather than the familiar Small, Medium and Large, the data was used to identify body types: Slim, Athletic and Broad. Using their build, and then inputting their height, consumers are able to get the right size with a much better fit. Sizes are named after Greek heroes, and a symbol for each is added on to the sleeve in a nod to body positive behaviour.

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